Saturday, 5 February 2011

Sleep or Lack of it

Last night I was so restless my arms my fingers my legs yet so tired ....Cant sleep but feel so heavy and tired its awful I eventually came downstairs and laid on the sofa squeezing a cushion as I just couldnt keep any part of me still I must of dropped off because i woke freezing and I took myself off to bed ..
.I am on cycle day 6 which means I am at my best and to be honest this month isnt very good knowing this is as good as it gets before the monster comes back :( Not sure if its because i only bled for 2 days this time or what its very strange normally when i come on i feel a release of pressure and I didnt feel it this time ...due to ovulate in about 6 days and then the downward spiral will start again ...I am finding the more I reconise the symptons the more anxious i become knowing just what to expect can be scarier then the unknown ...Knowing the monster will be back soon is hard to handle

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